WorldOmicron death: Britain saw the first death in Omicron, worries are growing...

Omicron death: Britain saw the first death in Omicron, worries are growing in the world

Own report: The new species of corona, Omicron, is raising concerns around the world. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday confirmed the first death in Britain in the attack on the new coronavirus. This is the first death in the world from infection with this new species of COVID-19.

Johnson brought the incident to the public. This newer variant of the corona is less contagious and more dangerous than the Delta species. This misconception should not be born in the minds of the people and urged the public to take a booster dose. This dose is currently being given to people 18 years of age or older.

The Prime Minister told reporters, “Yes, people are being hospitalized with Omicron infection and sadly it is true that one patient has been confirmed to have died after being infected with Omicron.” He added: “So I don’t think it’s a mild version of the virus. It needs to be stopped.

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This Omicron has already spread to 59 countries around the world. Johnson noted that the new species was responsible for 40 per cent of coronavirus infections in London alone. According to the British government, 10 people are currently being treated in England for immunocompromised cases, with 1,239 new cases being recorded over the weekend.

Omicron is a variant of the newly discovered SARS-Cove-2 (coronavirus) in South Africa. The discovery of a new form of coronavirus has caused a stir around the world. The Omicron variant is even more terrifying than the Delta variant. This new species of corona is becoming more contagious and spreading at a faster rate, experts fear.

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