IndiaOmicron Cases in India: From Omicron to Spanish Flu...

Omicron Cases in India: From Omicron to Spanish Flu…

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Omicron Cases in India has started growing very fast in the country. Over 1700 cases of Omicron variants have been reported in India. The speed with which the cases of corona have increased in many states, it is clear that the third wave of Covid-19 has arrived in the country. In fact, even 100 years ago, the country had to face a similar infectious disease. Its name was Spanish Flu. In 1918, this disease spread across the world had killed crores of people and it also created a furore in India. spanish flu

Spanish flu was highly contagious like Omicron

Like the new variant Omicron of Corona, the Spanish flu was highly contagious. The first case of Spanish flu was found on March 4, 1918 at an army camp in Kansas, USA. After that this disease spread like fire all over the world. At the time when this virus came to the fore, the First World War was going on and no country paid any attention to the diagnosis of this disease like influenza.

Spanish flu had made youth victims
This dreadful disease had victimized the youth of 20-30 years. In the first phase of May, the disease did not prove to be as frightening. According to the report, between 1918-1920 there were four waves of this disease all over the world and about 5 lakh people died in it.

There was no lockdown at that time
There was no cure for the Spanish flu at that time. Hospitals were crowded with patients. Lockdown was not imposed to prevent its infection. Restrictions were definitely imposed at some places but no steps were taken to prevent overcrowding.

What is the effect of Spanish flu on India?

In India, on 29 May 1918, a ship carrying soldiers reached the port of Mumbai. A few days later, 7 policemen posted there were admitted to the hospital and found this infection in them.

The effect of Spanish flu was like Corona
Like Corona, the special flu came in several stages. The first phase of the Spanish flu was mild. But its second phase turned out to be as frightening as the second phase of Corona and during this crores of people died.

Similarities between Corona-Spanish flu?
However, there is no similarity between these two diseases. The first phase of Corona was a bit mild, but during this time many people were killed in America and Europe. This virus spread from China to Wuhan had engulfed the whole world. Its first known case came in China in the first week of December 2019. Then from February of 2020, this disease started engulfing the whole world.

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The Delta variant created a ruckus in India
The second wave of Corona was terrible for many developing countries including India. During this thousands of people died in India. In countries like Brazil, Spain also thousands of people died. The Delta variant underwent several changes during this period. This variant was weakened in September-October 2021 and gradually its cases decreased in many countries of the world including India.

Omicron changed 50 variants
The first case of the new variant of Corona, Omicron, was found in South Africa. It has changed 50 forms. Scientists are calling it 7 times more infectious than other variants. This virus has now spread almost all over the world. Its cases are increasing rapidly all over the world including Britain, France, China, India, America. However, so far it has not wreaked the same havoc as the Delta variant. In India too, more than 1700 cases have been reported till 3 January 2022. Many states have imposed restrictions to prevent the spread of its infection. Some people of this variant have also died in some countries including Britain and India. Scientists and doctors are definitely telling it more infectious but at the same time they are saying that it is also getting cured soon. Actually, due to the corona vaccine being given all over the world, its effect may not be as much as the delta variant. Doctors are even telling it to be good for immunity as it can replace the delta variant.