WorldOmicron attack of unknown diseases in the midst of panic! Dead...

Omicron attack of unknown diseases in the midst of panic! Dead 69

Own report: Amid fears of a new form of coronavirus, Omicron, a mysterious disease has been reported in Africa. Many people have died of the disease in Phangak, a town in the northern state of Jonglei in South Sudan. This news has raised concerns of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO sent a team of scientists to the area to collect samples of the victims.

A WHO official said a rapid response team had been sent to diagnose and investigate the mysterious disease. The team will collect samples from ordinary people in the area. At present, 69 people have died of this unknown disease. The area where the outbreak of this vein has been observed has been severely affected by the recent floods. The official added that a team of scientists had gone to the area and had to reach there by helicopter.

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According to Sudan’s Minister of Land, Housing and Public Utilities, Lam Tungwar Kuigwong, severe flooding in the border state of Jonglei has led to the spread of diseases such as malaria. Children are suffering from malnutrition due to lack of food. He added that the region’s water had been contaminated by oil. As a result, pets have also died. Floods in northern South Sudan have wreaked havoc on people in the region.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says millions of people have been affected by the country’s worst floods in 70 years. Climate change is being blamed for this. Médecins Sans Frontires (MSF), an international organization working in the area, said the chaos caused by the floods was increasing the pressure on health services.

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