India'Olympic gold medal-sharing friendship': The story seen in the status quo is...

‘Olympic gold medal-sharing friendship’: The story seen in the status quo is not like that! This is the truth


  • The gold medal was shared by the Italian and Qatari athletes
  • The referee reportedly allowed the gold medal to be shared
  • Thus the truth

TOKYO: Qatar’s Mutas Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tambery, who shared a gold medal in the high jump at the Olympics, have been viral on social media since Friendship Day. It is rumored that the Qatari star was asked to share the gold medal after the Italian player withdrew from the final due to injury. The pictures of the two together are also viral.

In the final, both athletes crossed the height of 2.39 meters. But neither side was able to jump higher than the three chances they got later. The story goes that Barshim then asked the Olympic official if he could share the gold medal and then the two stars hugged. This is the first such incident since the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. But is it possible to share a medal in the Olympics at the request of athletes? Are the rules of the Olympics so simple? Let’s check.

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Medals can be shared in many competitive events

Both boxers reach the semi-finals with a bronze medal. Medals are shared in different ways in taekwondo and judo. More than one person can win a bronze medal in both kurte and kata. But the only two athletic events allowed to share the gold medal were the high jump and the pole vault.

The method of high jump is as follows

In both events, the gold medal is determined by how high the athlete jumps. But with only two players left in the match, if both of them fail to cross the height limit, you will have to look at how many times they have successfully jumped to the previous level. If both players are equal in this figure, they will be given a chance to jump off. But the medal can be shared if both players agree. This is what was agreed upon in Tokyo. This is clearly stated in Section 26.8.4 of the Technical Laws. Money Control reports that the gold medal will be shared between the two athletes if the decision is made not to jump off.

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What happened this time

In the jump off, the height of the bar is increased or decreased, giving each star a chance. “Here’s a chance for each height. If there is a tie left again, the next step is to give the height a chance or declare them joint winners.
Barshim, who is familiar with both medal-sharing laws, told the referee that this was how the medal-sharing was done in accordance with the law, “said Dr. Mohammad Ashraf, a sports coach and journalist, at a post-match press conference. He added that the third-placed Belarusian was also awarded a bronze medal.

The propaganda that the Italian player was injured during the match is also false. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, the star had to withdraw due to injury. But this time there was no such incident.

That is a fact

Numerous reports confirm that there is a friendship between the two stars. But it is not the friendship between the Italian and Qatari athletes that is behind the gold medal sharing at the Olympics. The gold medal was awarded to both athletes in full compliance with sports rules. Neither the referee nor the players can decide on their own.

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