WorldOlympic champion national archer Mete Gazoz is in Istanbul

Olympic champion national archer Mete Gazoz is in Istanbul

Many people greeted the champion athlete who came to Istanbul Airport early in the morning with national archer Yasemin Ecem Anagöz and trainer Göktuğ Ergin.

Speaking to the press here Mete GazozHe said he was very happy and proud.

Stating that Turkey won the first medal in archery and that he only represented it, Mete said, “I am very happy. The medal may be on my neck, but I got this medal alone, it doesn’t mean that I became the champion. As the Turkish Archery National Team, we got the medal of our history for the first time and this was the gold medal.” . I’m just representing the medal here. Thank you to everyone who has my back.” used his statements.

Mete, who connects his success to hard work and the sacrifices he has made, said, “We put forth an incredible effort for this gold medal for 5 years. There is another Olympics 3 years later. This time we will prepare for it as a team with a gold medal. Not as 2 people. We will participate as male and 3 female athletes. We will make this number of medals not 1, but maybe 3-4.” made its assessment.

To a journalist’s question about his much-talked photo, Mete said, “The memory of that photo is completely different. Whatever I felt on the podium at that moment, everything reflected on my face. As long as I am happy there, I will always be the champion.” replied.

The national athlete said, “First of all, I am too young to be a role model or an icon. I may have won a gold medal, but this is nothing to be a role model. I can only advise my younger friends. They should all continue their training, never give up. It’s nothing, it can be anyone.” he finished.

While confetti was thrown at the terminal exit for the Olympic champion, the national athlete took a souvenir photo with his fans.

The national athletes then left the airport with the bus waiting for them.

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