IndiaOBC Census 2021: 46 lakh castes? Know what the government did...

OBC Census 2021: 46 lakh castes? Know what the government did on the OBC count in the 2021 census


  • The issue of OBC census has been in the news a lot.
  • BJP leaders have also been demanding this
  • Now the government has clarified the situation in the Supreme Court

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The Central Government has clarified the position on the issue of caste census of backward classes, which has been discussed in political circles. The Center has told the Supreme Court that it has decided not to count OBCs in the 2021 Census. Filing an affidavit in the SC, the government has said that the caste-based census of backward classes other than scheduled castes and scheduled tribes is a very complex administrative work and complete or correct information cannot be obtained from it. The government says that it is a policy decision to exclude such information from the purview of the census.

What are the mistakes in the 2011 census?
The Centre’s stand is significant as recently a delegation of 10 parties from Bihar, headed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded a caste-based census. Not only this, BJP’s own leaders like Sushil Kumar Modi have also been advocating it. Now according to the affidavit filed by the government in the Supreme Court, there are many mistakes and inaccuracies in the Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), 2011. As such, it cannot be trusted or used.

Where did 4 thousand to 46 lakh castes come from?
Pointing out the flaws, the Center has said that the 1931 census data shows that the total castes were 4,147 but the 2011 SECC shows more than 46 lakh. The government has said that this figure may not be real, it is possible that some castes have been sub-castes. .
The government has made the work of clear OBC census difficult, many other parties including Nitish are demanding caste census
What has the Maharashtra government demanded?
A petition was filed on behalf of the Maharashtra government seeking a direction to the Center and the concerned department to provide information on the caste figures of OBCs recorded in the Social, Economic and Caste Census 2011. To this, the Center said that there are many errors in the OBC data collected in 2011. The government has also made it clear that this data cannot be used in any way for jobs, admission to educational institutions or elections, and that is why it has been decided not to make it official.

The affidavit, filed by the Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, said that the Center had issued a notification in January last year to decide the details of information to be collected for Census 2021 and it would include information related to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Including many areas, but no other category of caste is mentioned in it

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understand this too
The government has clearly stated that the SECC 2011 survey is not an ‘OBC survey’ as alleged, rather it was a comprehensive process to ascertain the caste status of all households in the country. The matter was taken up on Thursday by Justice A. came up for hearing before a bench headed by M. Khanwilkar. The next hearing will now be held on October 26.

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The government has also said that the work of conducting the census is in advanced stage and now the criteria cannot be changed. Anyway, due to the corona pandemic, the process has been delayed a bit. The government further said, ‘Any direction from the Supreme Court regarding conducting OBC caste census will create large-scale confusion and will also interfere with the policy decision of the government, while the government has decided not to conduct OBC caste census in Census 2021. Is.’



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