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Numan Kurtulmuş: The initiative that has the potential to cause a crisis has been eliminated

AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan FreedAK Party and New Azerbaijan Party titled “Karabakh War: Victory of Turkey-Azerbaijan Brotherhood” on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Karabakh victory.DO ITHe spoke at the online conference jointly organized by

Pointing out that the Karabakh victory came as a beneficial and auspicious historical victory for the people of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Kurtulmuş said, “We congratulate you on this great Victory Day. I wish God’s mercy on our Azerbaijani brothers who were martyred during that great mubarak, may they rest in peace.” used the phrase.

liberated, TurkeyAzerbaijan Emphasizing that the bilateral cooperation between the two countries has reached the most advanced points, he wished that it will continue to increase from now on.

Referring to Azerbaijan’s victory in Karabakh, Kurtulmuş said, “The occupation of Karabakh and what we went through after that clearly show us the partiality of the international community and how inept and incapable the international system is in resolving the crises, some war situations and some tensions in the world. He has put it.” he said.

Numan Kurtulmuş said that institutions responsible for establishing peace in the international community, especially the United Nations, remained helpless and unwilling during the occupation of Karabakh.

Stating that the Karabakh issue taught them and the whole world something, Kurtulmuş said, “When the international community does not work, it has become hypocritical, double-standard, and the international system has become inadequate and inactive in maintaining peace.” shared his opinion.

Stressing that the activities in the international community will continue on the Karabakh issue and that they will continue to maintain the relations in the strongest manner by keeping the diplomacy table always open, Kurtulmuş said, “But when the time comes, we will know how to cut ourselves in the belly.” spoke his words.

“Revolutionary steps”

Noting that being strong in the defense industry is essential to survive in this region, Kurtulmuş said, “Thanks to the revolutionary steps Turkey has taken in recent years, especially in the national defense industry, Azerbaijan’s outstanding effort and success in the use of UAVs and SİHAs, It has been one of the key steps in the victory of Karabakh.” made its assessment.

Kurtulmuş stated that there are thousands of mines in Karabakh, that they need to be cleared and that it is inevitable for the Armenians to give the maps of the places where they laid mines to the Azerbaijani authorities in order to carry out the reconstruction activities.

“They took a step back”

AK Party Deputy Chairman Kurtulmus said the following regarding the 10 ambassadors’ statement:

“Unfortunately, the main duty of ambassadors is to increase relations between the countries they are in and their own countries, and to solve any problems, if any. In this sense, Article 41 of the Vienna Convention clearly states that ambassadors should never interfere in the internal affairs of the countries where they serve as an international contractual provision. Unfortunately, those who were disturbed by Turkey’s strong march, its march and its unification around the ideal of a strong great Turkey, thought that they could bring Turkey into line by shaking their fingers with their habits from the past. in a way that protects Turkey’s interests, rights and laws in a very clear way, against this imposition, this finger pointing, these efforts to bring it into line and tame Turkey. announce to the world tk. As a result of this, you see, the ambassadors of 10 countries took a step back. In this sense, they declared that they would not interfere in Turkey’s internal affairs, so this initiative that emerged in this sense and had the potential to cause a crisis was eliminated.

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