India'Not a single rupee will be spent in Kerala, no response to...

‘Not a single rupee will be spent in Kerala, no response to the Chief Minister’: Sampu M Jacob


  • Kitex MD Sampu M Jacob strengthened the position.
  • Kitex says it will not spend a single rupee in Kerala.
  • There is no response to the Chief Minister’s criticism.

Kochi: Kitex MD Sampu M Jacob said that not a single rupee will be spent in Kerala. Sheep had to endure spitting and labor. However, it received a royal reception in Telangana. Arriving in Kochi, he said the process of investing in Telangana would be completed within the next two weeks.

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The highest credit goes to the Kunnathunadu MLA for creating the opportunity to make crores by investing in Telangana.

Kitex MD also responded to the statement made by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan last day. “The chief minister has a place in my mind. He has the power to correct and discipline me. Therefore, the Chief Minister cannot respond to words. Political allegations will be responded to in such a forum. I am a businessman. My journey is a model for the business community in Kerala, ”he said.

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In the first phase, an investment of Rs 1,000 crore is proposed in Telangana. Guaranteed for that. There will be discussions on whether to invest more. Union Minister of State for IT Rajiv Chandrasekhar himself had called. He was also invited to invest in Karnataka. He is invited to hold discussions with the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Kitex MD Sampu M Jacob said the decision would be taken after consultation.

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