WorldNorth Korea: US and UN Security Council play with time bomb

North Korea: US and UN Security Council play with time bomb

Seoul (AA) –

According to the news in Yonhap, one of the spokespersons of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs evaluated the missile tests of his country on October 19 and the reactions to the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The spokesperson said the missile tests were “a legal exercise of the right of self-defense”.

Defending that the trials do not pose a direct threat to neighboring countries, Sözcü stated that the Washington administration does not need to worry, especially because of the trials that do not target the USA.

The spokesperson stated that they were worried about the abnormal reactions of the USA and the UNSC.

Noting that the United States was not on their minds and targets while the missile tests were being carried out, Sözcü noted that the work in question was completely planned for the defense of the country.

The spokesperson described the transfer of Pyongyang’s nuclear program to the UNSC as “highly provocative”.

– “They’re playing with a time bomb”

The spokesperson said that the US and the UNSC are “playing with a dangerous time bomb”.

Stating that the US already has submarine ballistic missiles, the spokesperson emphasized that the US’s criticism of North Korea for developing the same weapons is an indication of “double standards”.

North Korea had tested a ballistic missile.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio announced on October 19 that North Korea had “tested two ballistic missiles”.

In a news report in KCNA yesterday, it was stated that one of the missiles tested was a “new type of ballistic missile launched from a submarine”.

It was emphasized that the missile had “advanced control guidance, including wing mobility and glide mobility” technologies.

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