WorldNorth Korea tests new type of 'hypersonic missile'

North Korea tests new type of ‘hypersonic missile’

North Korea has reportedly tested a new type of hypersonic missile.

According to the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the missile, called “Hwasong-8”, was successfully tested yesterday.

With the “Hwasong-8”, North Korea has also made ready for use the fuel bulb, which provides faster and more effective mobility to these weapons for the first time. North Korean analyst Ankit Panda described the use of the missile fuel bulb as an “important milestone” for the defense system.

State media pointed out that the new type of missile will contribute to the country’s “strategic” weapons and that it is “one of the 5 most important new weapon systems” in the country.

North Korea has carried out a missile test for the third time in the last month.

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