WorldNorth Korea first tested a hypersonic missile

North Korea first tested a hypersonic missile

The DPRK has carried out a test launch of a new hypersonic missile for the first time, according to the North Korean agency KCNA.

The DPRK National Defense Academy tested the Hwaseong-8 missile on the morning of September 28 in the village of Doyan, Ryonrim County, Chagan Province.

The test in Pyongyang is said to be successful.

North Korean analyst Ankit Panda described the use of the rocket fuel lamp as “an important milestone” for the country’s defense system.

State media noted that the new type of missiles would contribute to the “strategic” defense capability of the DPRK, calling hypersonic missiles “one of the 5 foundations of the country’s weapons systems.”

North Korea has conducted missile tests for the third time in the past month.

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