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North Korea Earthquake: North Korea’s nuclear site trembles, did Kim Jong Un test an atomic bomb? question raised

Seoul : Several earthquake tremors have been felt near North Korea’s nuclear testing site. These reports have come at a time when Kim Jong Un has indicated to resume testing of nuclear weapons after many years. Scientists have uncovered multiple seismic activity and geological instability in and around North Korea since late last week, and several low-intensity earthquakes have been recorded near the country’s nuclear test site.

South Korea’s Meteorological Administration has detected at least four earthquakes, with the most recent one being recorded on Tuesday. It was about 35 km from the Pungye-ri nuclear test site in North Korea’s northeastern region and had a magnitude of 1.5. Two 2.3 magnitude earthquakes were recorded in the area on Monday. On Friday, an earthquake of 3.1 magnitude was detected. This nuclear test site, located northeast of North Korea, is the only known test site in the country.
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Nuclear testing site has been closed since 2017
Nuclear weapons were last tested at this site in September 2017. During this, North Korea tested its sixth nuclear bomb. Officials claim that North Korea tested a thermonuclear weapon as the most dangerous bomb ever. For several weeks after this test, experts recorded landslides and earthquake tremors around the test site.

The area was destabilized by the nuclear test
These tremors were evidence that nuclear tests were destabilizing the surrounding region as it had never experienced natural earthquakes before. South Korean experts warned in 2020 that a nuclear test could completely change the geology of the area around the site. Others had raised concerns that there would be a risk of a possible leak of radioactive material if the site reopens.

North Korea hints at resuming testing
North Korea last month accused the United States of promoting hostility and threats, saying it would consider resuming work on “temporarily suspending all activities” that it has pursued as part of diplomacy with the Trump administration. paused during Through this statement, North Korea signaled the resumption of testing of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

North Korea has recently stepped up its weapons demonstration exercise. As part of this exercise, missiles have been tested in four rounds this month. Its purpose may be to put pressure on Washington again on long-stalled nuclear diplomacy with the US.