SportsNobody leaves the Coliseum happy

Nobody leaves the Coliseum happy

The rainbow that appeared over the Coliseum, minutes after Sandro overtook Getafe, did not end in a pot of gold; it was just one more meteorological phenomenon. Neither team found the treasure, although the home team could add their first point of the season and the foreigners remain unbeaten since their defeat on the first day. But they were not happy.

Getafe dismissed their audience with shouts of “Míchel, go now”, and boos to the players. David Soria, who supported his team with a couple of good speeches, replied to the television reporter who was interviewing him: “I don’t listen to you because of people’s lack of respect”, in an invective directed at his own hobby, as well there is the atmosphere in the south of Madrid. In San Sebastián, of course, the boiling state continues due to the team’s response, but Imanol’s men, who went further as the game went by, were not enough to win and although tied on points with Madrid and Atlético, they do not see still life from the top of the table.

With Míchel on the wire, Real Sociedad arrived in Getafe with the real option of being on the highest floor of the league table. An exuberant team in front of another totally dry, but after the initial hesitations of the home team, and the usual squeeze of the Donostiarras, the game was equalized, too harsh, until Sandro advanced to Getafe near the rest. Real took the initiative in the second half, and tied after a perfect cross from Gorosabel headed by Oyarzabal, and afterwards, although both teams tried in their own way, no one achieved the goal. Only women did it, increasingly protagonists in a world of men. At the Coliseum they broke down another barrier: Guadalupe Porras, as assistant referee, and Marta Huerta, as fourth referee. The first time in LaLiga with two women in the refereeing quartet.

Assistant Guadalupe Porras (right) and fourth referee Marta Huerta, before the game.Rodrigo Jiménez (EFE)

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