WorldNobel Prize winners in economics announced

Nobel Prize winners in economics announced

This year’s Nobel Prize winners in economics are Canadian David Card and two Americans, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens.

The Nobel Committee has announced the names of the winners of the Alfred Nobel Prize in Economics.

Card received the award for “Empirical Contribution to Labor Economics”, Angrist and Imbens – for “Methodological Contribution to the Analysis of Causality.”

The work of three economists leads to the development of a new understanding of the labor market, showed what conclusions can be drawn from natural experiments in terms of cause and effect relationships. The approaches have spread to other fields and radically changed empirical research.

Nobel laureates in economics receive $ 1.1 million in addition to the gold medal.

In 2020, Americans Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom were announced as Nobel Prize winners in economics.

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