IndiaNo news of events; Joint Christian Committee protests by burning newspaper

No news of events; Joint Christian Committee protests by burning newspaper


  • No news of events
  • Protests are ignored
  • Joint Christian Committee protests by burning newspaper

Kottayam: Protest against burning of newspapers in Kottayam, alleging that they do not cover the activities of Christian organizations. Reporter Live reported that members of the Joint Christian Committee burned the newspaper in protest of the ruling.

It is alleged that the secretariat dharna and meeting held on October 4 by the Joint Christian Committee in support of the Bishop of Pala was ignored without giving a single word of news. An earlier statement had called for the beleagured PM to resign. However, they say that the burning of the newspaper is a protest against the arrogant act of not reporting the news.

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Earlier in the day, former Poonjar MLA PC George had said that he would boycott the media for not reporting in his favor while addressing a Christian committee dharna. “There are media outlets that are reluctant to give our news. We will decide to boycott such media as well,” he said.

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A video has also been released of various families saying that they have been stopping the newspaper for years. The video has been shared with the support of Christian Alliance for Action Kottayam and others. It is alleged that the news of the event, which was attended by thousands, was not given. ‘Saying that this neglect is intolerable’ is the protest by burning the newspaper.

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