India'No more women in government'; Pope Francis, decisive decision on history

‘No more women in government’; Pope Francis, decisive decision on history

Rome: Pope Francis has made a decisive change in the governance of the Vatican. The pope has released a new apostolic document stating that any Catholic, including baptized women, can reach out to the various governing bodies of the Vatican.

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The pope has changed the way things have been done for centuries. In this connection, Pope Francis issued a 54-page constitution in 1988, replacing the ‘Pastor Bonus’ constitution issued by Pope John Paul II. The new governing body, the Prodicate Evangelium, will come into force on June 5, the day of the ball. The new 54-page constitution was unveiled yesterday, the ninth anniversary of Pope Francis’ inauguration and the feast of St. Joseph. With the new decision, women will also be able to function in the administrative systems handled by the cardinals.

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Previously, only cardinals and bishops were able to intervene in the administration. The decision was taken after ten years of discussions and consultations. The introduction to the new apostolic document makes it clear that the pope, bishops and other ordained ministers are not the only evangelicals in the Church. There will be responsible roles in governance for ordinary women and men. Any member of the faith who has been baptized can become part of the governing body if appointed following the decision of the Pope.

The number of administrative departments was increased to sixteen and the name was changed to ‘Decastery’. Although the new constitution does not discriminate between ordinary men and women, at least two departments will continue to be headed by men. Experts predict that nuns will reach a critical juncture in the future.

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Last year, Sister Raffaella Petrini was elected Governor of the Vatican City. In the same year, Sister Alessandra Smyrrilli, a nun from Italy, was appointed interim secretary of the Vatican’s Office for the Development of Justice and Peace.

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