India'No guilt over army withdrawal'; Biden says reconstruction of Afghanistan is...

‘No guilt over army withdrawal’; Biden says reconstruction of Afghanistan is not US goal


  • Biden responds to Afghan issue
  • There is no guilt in the withdrawal of the army.
  • There will be cooperation in counter-terrorism activities.

Washington: US President Joe Biden has said that the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was firm. There is no guilt in the withdrawal of the army. The fall of the Afghan government came earlier than expected. He also blamed the Afghan army for not being ready to fight the Taliban.

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Reconstruction of Afghanistan is not the goal of the United States. The reason for the current situation in Afghanistan is that their leaders are included. Even if the US military leaves, there will be cooperation in counter-terrorism operations. It will rescue thousands of Afghan civilians who worked with the US military. The president will be responsible for the decisions that are currently being made. Biden also said that he could not tell his own army to fight another country’s internal problems.

All he did was implement the agreement signed by former US President Donald Trump. Instead of blocking the Taliban’s advance, the Afghan army withdrew, abandoning US-provided weapons. At no point did the resistance show. This led to the Taliban advancing faster than expected. Biden asked opponents of the military withdrawal how many more generations would have to be sent to fight in Afghanistan.

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Assessing what is happening in Afghanistan. The United States will not repeat the mistakes of the past. The fight against terrorism is needed, but the lives of American citizens must not be lost. Terrorism has spread beyond Afghanistan. I am the President of the United States. “I want this issue to end with me,” he said.

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