IndiaNo fear of war; Russia returns after completing military exercises near...

No fear of war; Russia returns after completing military exercises near Ukraine

Moscow: Fear of war on Ukraine border is over. Russia has said it will withdraw its troops. Russia announces suspension of military exercises on the Crimean peninsula Russia has released footage and pictures of a military coup. After the training, soldiers from the Southern Military District Unit returned to the camps, the AFP news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying.

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U.S. President Joe Biden has accused Russia of deploying more than 1.5 million troops along its border with Ukraine. Biden said he had not been able to confirm whether Russia was withdrawing troops. It was after this that Russia came to the scene with the evidence.

Russia says it is moving munitions containing tanks by rail from Crimea. Russia has said it will withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border. However, countries including the United States did not take it at face value.

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The military exercise in Crimea is over. The soldiers are returning to their barracks. According to the AFP, government-owned television channels broadcast footage of military units returning from Crimea.

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