IndiaNo discussions were held with the CPM; Current rule in Peringottukurishi...

No discussions were held with the CPM; Current rule in Peringottukurishi will continue: AV Gopinath


  • Unable to adapt to the new Congress
  • This is not a move to destroy Congress
  • The rule of Peringottukurisi will continue

Kochi: AV Gopinath said that there was no discussion about cooperating with the CPM. The Congress is cooperating with the CPM at the national level. The previous statement meant that there would be nothing wrong with that cooperation here. He cannot adapt to the new activities of the Congress. “That’s why I decided to stand aside,” he said.

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He has a good relationship with K Sudhakaran. The resignation was a very deliberate decision. This is not a move to destroy Congress. Gopinath said the rule in Peringottukurisi would continue and it would not require the support of the CPM. The reference was made during a Reporter TV program.

Meanwhile, CPM Palakkad district secretary CK Rajendran clarified his stance on AV Gopinath’s entry into the CPM. It is up to him to decide whether to come to the CPM or not. He knows as well as he does about left-wing politics. It is true that the CPM has stated its position after he announced his position. Other matters will be decided by the state leadership, Rajendran said.

CPM leader and former minister AK Balan has said that many leaders like Gopinath will leave the Congress. Gopinath’s congratulations to the Chief Minister provoked the Congress leaders. Balan said if Gopinath announces that he is coming to the Left, then the appropriate decision will be taken.

Meanwhile, the CPM welcomed the decision of AV Gopinath to resign from the Congress. It is understood that many more Congress leaders will follow Gopinath’s example of making the most timely decision. CPM Palakkad district committee says in a press release.

As a Congress activist, he was a leader who worked sincerely to implement the political vision of the Congress. It is learned from his press conference that he had to become unpopular in the Congress because of his firm stand and exposing the crumbling politics of the Congress.

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The Congress has become a mob with no public interest or social commitment. The captain jumped into the sea and escaped from the wreckage of the Congress ship. Many who have worked tirelessly for the Congress for a long time are trying to swim away from this ship without a captain, the Palakkad district committee said in a press release.

AV Gopinath’s resignation comes amid a public battle between A and I group leaders and the KPCC leadership over the DCC list. Former Peringottukurushi panchayat president Gopinath Alathur was the MLA.

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