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No confidence against Imran: The confidence vote is going back! Pending session of Pak Parliament

Own report: Imran Khan’s fate is hanging on the thread. A no-confidence motion was to be filed against him by 8.30 am on Saturday. But that is not all. According to Pakistani media, the Speaker of the National Assembly did not want to hold a no-confidence vote on Saturday. Meanwhile, Imran Khan called an emergency cabinet meeting at 9 pm. As a result, it is not clear where the situation is heading.

The Pak parliament was supposed to bring a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan at 8.30 am today on the instructions of the Pak Supreme Court. Imran Khan’s party has challenged the order of the Supreme Court. Because the government’s statement cannot interfere with the work of the court. However, the court has directed the Speaker to complete the voting by 10.30 am Indian time.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s cornered situation has confirmed his defeat in the no-confidence vote. So Imran Khan has been trying to postpone the polls since this afternoon. So sometimes from morning to noon he says, sometimes he says there will be no-confidence vote in the evening. Meanwhile, the speaker is not disclosing the deadline for voting. According to Pakistani media reports, today’s session could last till late at night.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. So the government wants to postpone the no-confidence vote. Meanwhile, opponents have demanded that Imran be arrested before he can do any more damage to the country. PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto claims that Harbhajan Imran will be elected in the country. So show respect to the sports man spirit and move away with respect.

It is to be noted that Imran Khan has claimed that foreign powers are behind bringing distrust against him. He claimed that the MPs of Pakistan are being traded like cows and sheep. I know that US diplomats are meeting with our leaders. They want a government. So they want to remove me. It is a shame that 220 million people in this country are being controlled by outsiders.

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