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No close friendship with Balram; Defeat in Lok Sabha is not a setback, it is a blessing: MB Rajesh

Thiruvananthapuram: Speaker MB Rajesh said that the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections was a blessing for him. He said that there was a situation where he needed a break due to some personal circumstances and that the Urvashi curse was as good as defeat. In an interview given to Malayala Manorama, MB Rajesh opened his mind about his defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, his third victory and his experience as a speaker. Know the details.

Palakkad defeat is a blessing

Responding to a question on whether the defeat in the Palakkad constituency in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was an unexpected setback in politics, MB Rajesh said it was not a setback but a blessing. MB Rajesh says that his ten years of parliamentary work have been tough and he has worked without any compromise in Parliament and the constituency. “I was just trying to recover when I got home,” he said.

Tertiary struggle is a political necessity

Those who contested for the Lok Sabha were not expected to be in the fray as the party had decided not to contest the Assembly again. MB Rajesh Trithala said that the Assembly candidature was under special circumstances. VT Balram, a prominent young leader in the Congress, and MB Rajesh, a young leader in the CPM, came face to face with each other and the fight in Trithala drew state attention. Rajesh says he saw the match as a political necessity

It was not a very relevant field

MB Rajesh says that even though he was a candidate in Trithala, this was not a constituency with which he was associated. Was not part of his parliamentary constituency. Therefore, MB Rajesh added that he got the responsibility of the Speaker only when he was ready to act as the people’s representative of the Trinamool Congress.

No close friendship with Balram

Asked whether he was able to restore friendship with VT Balram, his rival in Trittal, MB Rajesh said there was no close friendship with Balram before. He said he did not want to take the competition to the personal level. VK, who also contested for Parliament. Rajesh said that Srikanthan is also a good friend. “After the election, he came to my house and ate. When he became the speaker, Srikant called me and asked if it was okay for him to lose.” There has never been such a close friendship with Balram before. Rajesh told Malayala Manorama that the defeat in the sitting seat was unexpected for him.