IndiaNIPA: Health Minister says one week is crucial; Central team inspection...

NIPA: Health Minister says one week is crucial; Central team inspection will continue


  • The Health Minister said that a week is crucial.
  • Special meetings will be held today.
  • The high level team is camping in Kozhikode.

Kozhikode: Health Minister Veena George said that a week is crucial in the situation where the NIPA virus is reported again in the state. Special meetings will be convened today to assess the situation and there will be further inspections. The central team’s search for the source of the Nipah virus will continue today.

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The crucial review meeting will be held this evening. A high level team led by the Health Minister is camping in Kozhikode. A meeting of the heads of various departments has been convened at Kozhikode Medical College. The situation can be assessed by meeting with the medical college principal, collectors and heads of various departments. At the earlier stage of the NIPA, health experts who had been at the forefront and giving instructions for preventive measures were called to Kozhikode.

The main goal is to find the source of the virus. Arrive at the home of the deceased 12-year-old and examine the previously infected goat and collect the sample. The presence of bats in the area will also be checked. Once the presence is detected it is necessary to find out which category it belongs to. At the same time, it will be decided whether the semen sample of the bat should be examined.

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Samples of those in contact with the dead child will be examined. For this NIV labs will be set up at Kozhikode Medical College Hospital. The facility is being prepared for the Trunat test. For this, the team from the Pune Institute of Virology will visit the Medical College. If the test is positive, a confirmatory test can be performed at the Pune Virology Institute and the result can be obtained within 12 hours.

The health department had published the route map of a 12-year-old boy from Chathamangalam Pazhoor who died due to Nipah. The route map from August 27 to September 1 was released as part of the vigilance. On the 27th from 5pm to 5.30pm the boy was playing with the kids in the neighborhood. The boy, who was at home the next day, reached the doctor’s clinic in Eranjima at 8.30 am on the 29th. And then returned home at nine o’clock. He came to the clinic in an auto and returned. Stayed at home on the 30th. The next day, Mukam sought treatment at the EMS Hospital. It was between ten and half past ten in the morning. The journey was in my uncle’s car. He then reached Shanthi Hospital in Omasheri in the same auto. Stayed here till twelve o’clock. An hour later, Govt. At the Medical College Hospital. From here she was admitted to the ICU at Mims Hospital at 11am the next day. The journey here was by ambulance. This is where the death occurred this morning.

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Those in contact with the child are advised to inform the health department and exercise caution. If you notice any symptoms, seek treatment at a hospital immediately. The Department of Health has prepared a detailed contact list of those associated with the child. The three-kilometer area around the child’s home is under heavy surveillance. Health Minister Veena George said details of the deaths were being collected in the area in recent days to determine if the main source was the deceased. Two newly diagnosed patients were transferred to an ICU ward.

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