IndiaNIPA: Containment zone declared; Thus the control

NIPA: Containment zone declared; Thus the control


  • The control rooms opened
  • Containment Zone throughout Chathamangalam Grama Panchayat
  • Mukkam Municipality adjoining Chathamangalam Panchayat and Kodiyannur Grama Panchayats covering an area of ​​3 km.

Kozhikode: Following the confirmation of the NIPA, the District Collector has imposed restrictions in the area where the disease was reported and in the adjoining areas as per the Disaster Management Act. The Containment Zone covers the entire Chathamangalam Grama Panchayat where the virus has been reported.

It is not possible to travel in or out of the cantonment zone. Items including groceries can be sold from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Drug stores and health centers are not regulated. The restrictions were imposed at a meeting chaired by Health Minister Veena George.

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The alert has been issued in Kozhikode district and neighboring districts of Kannur and Malappuram. In addition to the Covid control room, the Nipak control room has started functioning in the state. People can contact 0495-2382500 and 0495-2382800 for matters related to the disease.

Meanwhile, the mother of a 12-year-old girl who died of Nipah in Chathamangalam has a slight fever, the health minister said. They are in the high-risk category in primary contact. Watching them. The minister said those, including the child’s mother, had been transferred to a medical college.

After the review meeting held in Kozhikode, the minister said that there is a possibility of expanding the contact list of the child who died due to NIPA. There may be people who are not recognized by the Department of Health when publishing the route map. Primary contacts are now detected. The minister also said that their secondary contacts need to be identified.

The contact list will need to be expanded when secondary contacts are found. Have trained health workers available for treatment. The minister said private hospitals have been directed to inform the health department in case of any unusual fever or death.

The CM said that the preventive measures have been strengthened in the wake of the re-confirmation of the Nipah virus in the state. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that Ministers AK Sasindran, PA Mohammad Riaz and Ahmed Devarkovil are in Kozhikode to coordinate the activities under the leadership of Health Minister Veena George.

malayalam samayamMother of dead child has a slight fever; Health Minister says contact list may be expanded
The pay ward block of the medical college was set up for NIPA treatment and isolation. The NIPA also set up a negative pressure ICU exclusively for patients. Contact list of 188 people was prepared. 20 of them are high risk. Along with this a route map was prepared. Those at high risk were transferred to the Medical College Isolation Ward.

Steps have been taken to provide facilities for conducting NIPA examination at Kozhikode Medical College itself. Point of care testing will be conducted there in collaboration with NIV Pune. The NIV will be sent to Pune to confirm it once again. Test results will be notified within 12 hours.

Drug availability and safety equipment were ensured. “We have assured that the monoclonal antibody will reach ICMR from Australia within seven days,” the CM said in a Facebook post.

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