IndiaNIP: Central team Kozhikode; Twelve-year-old reportedly ate rambutan; Samples of...

NIP: Central team Kozhikode; Twelve-year-old reportedly ate rambutan; Samples of fruit were collected


  • Central team Kozhikode
  • Twelve-year-old reportedly ate rambutan
  • Samples of fruit were collected

Kozhikode: A central team visited the house of a 12-year-old boy who died due to Nipah virus. The Center for Disease Control team reached Munnur in Kozhikode Chathamangalam panchayath. It is not yet clear where the child contracted the disease from. However, relatives said that the boy had eaten rambutan from the field before contracting the disease. According to various media reports, the team visited the spot and collected samples of rambutan fruit.

Samples of the fruit were collected to check if this was the place where the bats arrived, in case the child was said to have eaten rambutan. This is to identify whether the Nipah virus is transmitted from bats. The central team met with the child’s parents and the next group and sought information on the child’s diet and the animals involved.

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Twelve-year-old Munnur died of Nipah. The child, who was undergoing treatment for meningitis, was diagnosed with NIPA last night. Vigilance has been issued in Kozhikode, Kannur and Malappuram districts in case the virus is confirmed. A high level team led by the Health Minister is camping in Kozhikode.

Everyone is advised to be extra vigilant and inform health workers as soon as possible if there are any similar symptoms. The central team instructed the locals on the protocol to be followed in their homes and surroundings and the steps to be taken.

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The health minister arrived in Kozhikode this morning after NIPA confirmed his death. After the meeting at the guest house, a review meeting of the various sections was held at the Collectorate. There are one hundred and fifty eight people in the contact list. Twenty of them are in primary contact. Two of them are being treated at a hospital for treatment, officials said.

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The first case of Nipah virus was confirmed in the state in May 2018 at Panthirikkara in Changaroth panchayath in Kozhikode Perambra. Later the disease was confirmed outside Kozhikode and in Malappuram district. Seventeen people died of Nipah that day. In 2019, a Nipah virus was confirmed in Kochi but it was soon brought under control.

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