WorldNigerian runs for mayor of Tbilisi

Nigerian runs for mayor of Tbilisi

Arinze Richard Ogbunuju is the “king of the Igbo tribe” in Nigeria, running for mayor of Tbilisi, and in case of his victory is aimed at attracting foreign investment for the development of the Georgian capital.

Elections to local self-government bodies in Georgia will take place on October 2.

For the first time in the history of Georgia, a native of Nigeria, along with other politicians, will fight for the chair of the mayor of Tbilisi.

According to a report posted on the official website of the CEC of Georgia in late August, Ogbunuju was nominated for the post of mayor of Tbilisi by the opposition Our United Georgia Party.

The Nigerian “king”, who is in the spotlight of local and foreign media, has Georgian citizenship.

Ogbunuju started his business in Georgia with the sale of perfumes, and later began to sell used cars and spare parts. To date, the native of Nigeria owns several enterprises, is fluent in Georgian.

In an interview with the Anadolu agency, Ogbunuju spoke about his life in Georgia, where he spent about 25 years, the reasons that prompted him to leave Nigeria, as well as his decision to enter politics.

According to the Nigerian, he first left his homeland to explore foreign culture in 1995. “In 1995, first my mother died, and then my brother. It was a very difficult period. I couldn’t handle my pain. That is why I decided to go to other countries, ”said Ogbunuju.

The man said that he came to Georgia as a tourist, but later decided to stay and start a business. “I liked Georgia very much. I married a Georgian woman. We have three children. This country accepted me. I fell in love with Georgia, ”says the source of AA.

According to the man, he received Georgian citizenship about four years ago. “Now I have the same status as other residents of Georgia, I think like a Georgian. It was easy for me to improve my life, because the customs in our countries are very similar, ”said Ogbunuju.

At the same time, the Nigerian highly appreciated the characteristic trait of Georgians – to fiercely defend their traditions and culture. “People who do not value their traditions and culture have no future. They also cannot accept carriers of other cultures. Georgians respect these values, ”the Nigerian notes.

Speaking about his origin, Ogbunuju said that the title of “king of the Igbo tribe” was given to him by the people of Nigeria many years ago.

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