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Nigeria threw one million vaccines in the garbage, only 2 percent of the people have got the vaccine, said – don’t want donation!

An imbalance is being created in the world regarding the corona vaccine. This imbalance is about the accessibility of the vaccine to the people. The demand for the vaccine has increased even more after the new variant of Corona, Omicron, came to the fore. Some countries are applying one and two booster doses to their residents, while in many places people are still waiting for the first dose. Meanwhile, news came that Nigeria on Wednesday destroyed more than 1 million perishable doses of the AstraZeneca Corona Vaccine.

They cannot be used after their last date, officials said. Faisal Shuaib, head of Nigeria’s NPHCDA (National Primary Health Care Development Agency), said health officials in Africa’s most populous country had little choice but to choose from donated doses. The shelf life of these supplements was not very long.
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Only two percent have got the vaccine
He said that developed countries bought and stocked these vaccines. When they were about to perish, they donated them to other countries. Last week, Shuaib said Nigeria would no longer accept such donations. Only 2 percent of Nigeria’s 200 million people are fully vaccinated. Health officials have set an ambitious target of vaccinating more than a quarter of the population by February.

WHO warns
The head of the World Health Organization has warned that the indiscriminate introduction of booster doses in rich countries will make the Covid-19 Pandemic more likely to last. Also, said that no country will be able to come out of the grip of the Pandemic in this manner. WHO Director-General Dros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday that vaccines have saved many lives this year, but their uneven distribution has also killed many.
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Only 20% dose booster required
Dross had earlier called for a halt to booster doses given to healthy adults by the end of this year to tackle uneven global vaccine distribution. He said that at present 20 percent of the vaccine doses administered daily are boosters. He said that indiscriminately applying booster doses in rich countries will make the Covid-19 Pandemic more likely to last, not end it.

Israel is giving citizens four doses
He added that increasing vaccine supplies to countries with higher vaccination coverage would give the virus a much greater opportunity to spread and mutate. Tedros said that a large proportion of people admitted to hospitals or dying due to corona virus infection have not been vaccinated. This warning from the World Health Organization comes at a time when Israel is administering four doses of the vaccine to its citizens. At the same time, in many African countries, large populations have not even received the first dose.