WorldNiger: dozens of dead in an ambush

Niger: dozens of dead in an ambush

AA / Niamey / Kane Illa

Several dozen members of a local self-defense militia were killed in western Niger, near the Malian borders, corroborating sources were told on Thursday.

The outcome of this attack is still uncertain, while the Nigerien authorities did not comment on the tragedy, until Thursday at 6 p.m. GMT.

Contacted by the correspondent of the Anadolu Agency, MP Karidjo Zakara confirmed the attack after posting a text message on his twitter account.

“Regret to announce the death of about sixty young people from the department of BANIBANGOU including the mayor of BANIBANGOU who is at the same time my deputy,” said MP Karidjo Zakara on twitter.

According to local sources quoted by Nigerien media, the victims belong to a local self-defense militia.

They are said to have been ambushed after returning from a pursuit against armed men who had attacked villages.

The Banibangou department is located in the Tillaberi region in western Niger, near the border with Mali.

Last August, at least 37 other civilians were killed in the same department by unidentified gunmen.

The Tillaberi region has been facing attacks since 2017 attributed to terrorist groups operating in northern Mali. In order to contain these attacks, the Nigerien government has placed the entire region under a state of emergency.

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