WorldNiger / Cholera: 14 new deaths in five days

Niger / Cholera: 14 new deaths in five days

AA / Niamey / Kane Illa

Nigerien health authorities announced on Wednesday that fourteen (14) new deaths from cholera were recorded between August 26 and 30.

In its “situation report”, the surveillance and response to epidemics directorate of the Ministry of Health indicated that the fourteen new deaths were recorded in the regions of Maradi (south) Tahoua (north-west), with six deaths each, as well as that of Tillaberi (west) with two deaths.

The cholera epidemic was officially declared on August 9 by the Minister of Public Health Idi Illiassou Mainassara in a statement.

“Most of the cases are linked to an epidemic that has been raging for several months in neighboring cross-border regions,” he said.

Six of Niger’s eight regions, including the capital Niamey, are affected by cholera.

In 2018, the country experienced another cholera epidemic which officially killed sixty-eight (68).

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