WorldNiger: 11 soldiers killed in an attack near the Malian border

Niger: 11 soldiers killed in an attack near the Malian border

AA / Niamey / Kane Illa

Eleven Nigerien soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack on Thursday in the commune of Anzourou, in western Niger and near the Malian border, the defense ministry said in a statement.

“On November 4, 2021, at around 4.30 p.m., a column of terrorists aboard several vehicles and motorcycles, heavily armed, had a clash with the soldiers responsible for ensuring the security of the village of Dagné in the commune of Anzourou, “the Nigerien defense ministry said in a statement released on state television on Friday.

“After fierce fighting that thwarted the enemy’s intention to take control of the village, the column was forced to retreat, taking its dead and wounded”, the same source continued, specifying that eleven soldiers Nigeriens were killed, one injured and nine others were still missing.

The commune of Anzourou is located in the Tillabéri region, in western Niger.

It is only a few weeks ago that the populations of several villages in this commune had returned to their villages, after having left them because of the violence.

The government then deployed army units to ensure the security of the villages.

On Tuesday, another attack took place in the commune of Banibangou located in the same region of Tillabéri and near the Malian border.

Unidentified gunmen ambushed civilians, killing 69 of them, including the mayor of Banibangou commune.

National mourning of 48 hours was decreed from Friday following this attack. Since 2017, the Tillabéri region has faced recurring attacks attributed to terrorist groups operating in northern Mali.

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