IndiaNew Mercedes car worth 12 crores in PM Modi's convoy, no effect...

New Mercedes car worth 12 crores in PM Modi’s convoy, no effect of blast or gas attack


  • The name of PM Modi’s new car is Mercedes Maybach S650.
  • Its cost is 12 crores, blasts and bullets will not have any effect.
  • There is a separate air supply system at the time of gas attack.

New Delhi
Another luxurious bulletproof car has joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy. Yes, PM is now riding Mercedes-Maybach S650, which has been upgraded from Range Rover Vogue and Toyota Land Cruiser. The PM was recently seen sitting in this new Maybach 650 when he reached Hyderabad House to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

12 crore car, no effect of blast
The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard is a new model with VR10 level protection. In terms of security, tremendous features have been added to it. Explosions or bullets also have no effect on this car. According to the report, Mercedes-Maybach launched the S600 Guard in India last year for Rs 10.5 crore and the S650 could cost more than Rs 12 crore.

Usually, the Special Protection Group (SPG), which is responsible for the security of the Prime Minister of the country, gives a request for a new car. The SPG assesses the security needs and decides whether the person it is protecting needs a new vehicle. According to the security protocol, SPG asks for multiple vehicles of the same model.

Strong security even in gas attack
PM’s new car is equipped with a 6-litre twin-turbo V12 engine. Its maximum speed is 160 kmph. The body and windows of the S650 Guard can withstand steel core bullets as well. It has got 2010 Explosion Proof Vehicle (ERV) rating and its occupant can stay safe even from a 15kg TNT blast carried just 2 meters away. The interior of the window is coated with polycarbonate which gives extra protection. A separate air supply has been provided to the cabin in case of a gas attack.

attack helicopter techniques
The tank of the car is also protected in such a way that it automatically seals the hole in case of emergency. It is made from the same material used in Boeing’s Apache attack helicopters. Tires are also special which will keep running even in case of any damage.

As the Chief Minister of Gujarat, PM Modi used to travel in a bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio. After becoming prime minister in 2014, he uses the high-security version of the BMW 7 Series.