IndiaNew facility to buy liquor without rush; Government with the project

New facility to buy liquor without rush; Government with the project


  • Action to reduce congestion in front of bars.
  • Payment will be made at the counter in advance.
  • CM sharing suggestions.

Thiruvananthapuram: The government has issued a new directive in the wake of criticism from the high court in the wake of increasing congestion in front of liquor bars while Covid continues to be concerned. Amount of alcohol
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that facilities will be provided to buy liquor at the Bavco counter in advance.

20 for the wedding, 500 at the liquor store; High Court against the government
The queue in front of liquor stores is often problematic. It has been decided to set up a special counter where the advance payment can be made immediately. Increase the number of counters in busy areas. The CM said that other scientific methods would be sought to avoid congestion. He was speaking at a press conference after the Covid review meeting.

The High Court had harshly criticized the crowd in front of the bars. With only 20 people attending a wedding following Covid’s restrictions, Bevco is in front of a crowd. What message is this crowd giving to the common people? The court pointed out that the health of the people is important and that one third of the country’s covid patients are in Kerala.

malayalam samayam‘There were shortcomings in some constituencies, there were setbacks in Pala and Kalpetta’: CPM openly
It is by no means acceptable for hundreds of people to line up in front of bars without keeping a social distance. Justice Devan Ramachandran also asked whether queuing in front of outlets without such restrictions would not increase the spread of the disease. The reference comes as the High Court is considering a voluntary case alleging that Covid does not meet the norms in front of bars. The court directed the Excise Commissioner and Bevco MD to file a detailed affidavit in the matter within ten days.

Red alert tomorrow in two districts of the state


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