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New EL PAÍS website reinforces the essence of the newspaper in the digital world

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O THE COUNTRY embraces a bold new change. As of this week, the newspaper gets a new cover, with more focus on the original reports by its team, favoring texts that preserve the look and identity of EL PAÍS. There will be wider spaces for columns and photos in a home page revitalized, which values ​​the balance of the headlines. “We are going to enhance our personality on the cover, in harmony with breaking news,” explains Borja Echevarría, deputy director of EL PAÍS, who coordinated the study for web change over the past 11 months.

This means a bet on curating relevant subjects, in line with the group’s values, moving away from the fierce competition for speed in publishing “everything at the same time now”. “A cover has to be courageous and reflect our view of the world”, says Echevarría, noting that EL PAÍS has always been a progressive newspaper, focused on the most pressing causes of society, such as human rights, the climate emergency, the ethics and social justice.

These are the guidelines that will guide the new page with an eye to the future. Under the principle that less is more, the cover will also enhance multimedia content, including photo reports, videos or podcasts in a home page broader and more reader-friendly. “The images are not a filling, but if visually powerful, they provide new information”, continues Echevarría. The choice will also make reading more agile for readers, reducing a little the need to scroll the page in front of a more thoughtful curation to focus on content that is more aligned with its readers, facilitating the visual organization of the news. “But quality is non-negotiable and this is our demand, our backbone”, explains Echevarría.

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The new cover debuts with the edition of EL PAÍS in Brazil this Wednesday. On the weekend, it is the turn of the editions from Spain, Mexico and America. In the new format, analytical texts that bring diversity to the newspaper are highlighted, reinforcing the essence of journalism that has guided the group since its foundation in 1976. The column Opinion it gains a noble space at the top of the page, as the third column of the cover, highlighting names such as Eliane Brum, Xico Sá, Juan Arias, Jamil Chad, Cecilia Olliveira, Vladimir Safatle, Clara Becker, Debora Diniz and all the voices that lend her name to THE COUNTRY.

The change of home page it is the third step in the consolidation of EL PAÍS in the digital world. In the last three years, the newspaper made a major technological change with the incorporation of a new text editing system. Last year, it closed the content to subscribers and already surpasses the mark of 120,000 digital readers worldwide. Now, he is working on the new design with eyes for this global community.

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