WorldNew drug trial promises to stop Covid-19 in a few days

New drug trial promises to stop Covid-19 in a few days

The drug, called Codivir, is manufactured by Code Pharma, a Dutch-based pharmaceutical company and a research and development office in Israel.

Codivir is based on a short peptide chain of 16 synthetic amino acids, derived from HIV-1 integrase. It was first discovered by researchers at Hebrew University. This drug was originally studied to kill HIV cells.

According to the research team, phase 1 of the Codivir trial against SARS-CoV-2 has been completed. The trial was conducted at a hospital in Brazil, with the participation of 12 Covid-19 patients aged 18-60, with mild to moderate symptoms.

The drug Codivir will be in phase two trials next month.

In the trial, patients received 2 injections of Codivir/day for 10 days and tested every other day.

Professor Shlomo Maayan, head of the infectious diseases department at Barzilai Medical Center in Israel, said that five out of 12 patients treated with the drug had a significantly reduced viral load. Codivir suppressed viral replication in all patients within 3 days of being treated.

In addition, the team did not see any significant side effects in those treated with Codivir, and they also did not have the common side effects of Covid-19 disease.

The phase two trial will involve 150 patients and is expected to begin next month. According to Zyon Ayni, general manager of Code Pharma, the next goal is to complete the trial within about 3-6 months and then apply for an emergency use authorization for the drug Codivir.


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