WorldNew crop Kaman walnut took its place on the counters in Kırşehir

New crop Kaman walnut took its place on the counters in Kırşehir

350 manufacturers in the market established on Atatürk Street in Cumhuriyet Square. stand opened and exhibited its products. Many people from the surrounding provinces, especially Ankara, Kırşehir, Kırıkkale, Yozgat, Nevşehir nutmeg He came to town to get it.

Kaman Mayor Necati Çolak told reporters that they visited the manufacturers who opened counters and received information about their expectations.

Stating that a walnut market was established in the city center by the municipality to bring producers and consumers together, Çolak said, “In order not to harm our producers and to facilitate their sales, instead of the canceled festival, we have determined a bench installation area. This year, there is a walnut harvest of approximately 3 thousand tons and our farmers are satisfied with it. Visit our shopkeepers and meet their needs. I hope we will have the opportunity to hold a more comprehensive walnut festival together next year.” used his statements.


Üsküdar Ballı, one of the producers who opened counters, said, “I have products such as walnuts, bulgur and beans that I produce myself. Today, we hope that the sales will be better, even if the sales are low. The expensive fertilizer prices affect the producer negatively. This raises the price. We want our government to support us.” said.


Münevver Gül also stated that they sell the products they produce in the walnut market and said that the sales are good and that he will send some of the income he earns to his granddaughter who is studying at the university.

. (HAS) is published on the Anadolu Agency website, in summary. ..


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