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Netizens ‘attacked’ Cao Thai Son after Khac Viet accused of ‘pressing the price’ to buy cards with 500 thousand VND

In the past few days, singer Cao Thai Son’s use of two songs “Peace be” and “Love returns” by musician Khac Viet performed at a music event in the US on June 27, 2021 (local time). method) has attracted special attention from netizens and caused a lot of controversy because singer Nathan Lee previously announced the exclusive purchase of these two songs.
Singers Nathan Lee and Khac Viet both had strong reactions to this incident, in which musician Khac Viet confirmed that he had sold these two songs to Nathan Lee for an exclusive period of 3 years.

Musician Khac Viet confirmed to have sold 2 songs to Nathan Lee for an exclusive period of 3 years

In the face of mixed reactions, Cao Thai Son voiced “correction” on his personal page, saying that the two songs “Peace be” and “Love is back” had been agreed by him and musician Khac Viet if If you stop collaborating or selling to other singers, there will be notice. Therefore, Cao Thai Son affirmed that the performance in the last concert was completely correct and did not violate any laws until the musician informed. In addition, Cao Thai Son also released a message believed to be from musician Khac Viet with the sentence: “You keep singing, I haven’t sold it yet”.

However, soon after, this post disappeared on Cao Thai Son’s personal page. Meanwhile, late on July 1, 2021, musician Khac Viet directly called Cao Thai Son’s name in his post. For details, please watch the video.