IndiaNeger, who was eight months pregnant, was shot in the head; ...

Neger, who was eight months pregnant, was shot in the head; Taliban say no to probe


  • A pregnant police officer has been shot dead.
  • The Taliban has denied any involvement in the incident.
  • A Taliban spokesman said an investigation would be launched.

Kabul: The Taliban has denied any involvement in the shooting death of a pregnant police officer inside his home. Taliban spokesman Ziullah Mujahid said he had received information about the incident and would conduct a detailed investigation.

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Banu Neger, from Ghor province in Afghanistan, was killed by Taliban militants on Saturday. They are a police officer who was in charge of the security of the jail in the area. Those who worked for the previous government and helped them were pardoned as the investigation continued. A Taliban spokesman said Neger’s assassination could have been motivated by personal animosity or some other motive.

Family members say Banu Neger was shot dead by Taliban militants who stormed his home in Firozko, the capital of central Ghor province. The murder was committed in public while her husband and children were watching. The BBC reported that he had been shot in the head. It is alleged that Neger’s face was disfigured after the death was confirmed.

The family stated that Neger was eight months pregnant. Three gunmen arrived at the home on Saturday and searched rooms and detained family members. Meanwhile, Negat was shot and killed. Witnesses said they spoke Arabic. Negotiations to form a government are continuing despite the bad situation. The Taliban has been stepping up its crackdown on women and girls since it took control of the country.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has issued special guidelines for girls’ education in private Afghan universities. Students must cover their faces. Hide between boys and girls in classes. It is also clarified that girls should be taught only by a female teacher. The Taliban has issued new directives as universities prepare to reopen.

Meanwhile, fighting between the Taliban and the Defense Forces continues in Panchsheer province. The Taliban claimed to have captured four districts in the region, but the defense forces denied the allegations. The coalition claims to have killed more than 600 Taliban militants in Saturday’s clashes.

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The National Coalition claimed on Twitter that it was currently in control of the entire Panchsheer area and was pursuing the Taliban through a pre-planned offensive. “As many as 600 Taliban militants have been killed in various districts of Panchsheer since Saturday morning and more than 1,000 Taliban militants have been captured. Some of them have surrendered voluntarily.” Defense Force spokesman Fahim Dashti tweeted. According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, the Taliban are finding it difficult to get supplies from other provinces.

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