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Nazarbayev: The situation in Afghanistan has become a catalyst for profound changes in Eurasia

The situation in Afghanistan has become a catalyst for the process of profound changes in the space of Central Eurasia, forming a complex of current and long-term risks and threats, and in this regard, it is necessary to strengthen the existing and create new mechanisms of regional security.

This was stated by the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, at a meeting of the republic’s Security Council.

He drew attention to the need to ensure full readiness to counter manifestations of extremism and terrorism.

“New challenges to regional security dictate the need for further measures to strengthen defense capabilities. The Kazakh army must meet the best modern military standards. In the field of military security, all basic documents have been approved that define the vision of the modernized Armed Forces and the development of the military-industrial complex. Now the main thing is to ensure the proper execution of all decisions we have made, ”the official website of Nazarbayev quotes the chairman of the Security Council.

The importance of ongoing ongoing reforms in the law enforcement system aimed at improving the safety of citizens was also noted.

Nazarbayev stressed the relevance of ensuring the security of the national spiritual space, noting that peace and harmony in society are the basis for sustainable development of the state.

The Chairman of the Security Council pointed out the need to ensure constant monitoring of the socio-political and socio-economic components of the stability of the state. “Increasing the real incomes of citizens, creating high-quality jobs, developing SMEs, ensuring food security – all this will be achieved subject to the growth of the economy. Supporting health care and education, solving urgent problems of citizens should always be in the center of attention of state bodies. All of this is a component of the social well-being and confidence of Kazakhstanis. You cannot leave the ground for the germs of extremism and radicalism, ”Nazarbayev said.

Following the meeting, the first president gave a number of specific instructions aimed at protecting national interests in the field of regional security, ensuring the security of citizens and sustainable development of society.

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