WorldNATO conducts exercises based on nuclear war scenarios

NATO conducts exercises based on nuclear war scenarios

Exercise Steadfast Noon has kicked off in southern Europe with the participation of 14 NATO member states.

As part of the maneuvers, it is planned to work out the use of fighter-bombers that can be equipped with nuclear weapons, the Alliance said.

The purpose of the large-scale exercise, which will last a week, is to strengthen the defenses of the European allies.

Every year, exercises are held on the territory of one of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In addition to nuclear-capable dual-use bombers, traditional fighters are also involved in the exercise.

The fighters are accompanied by observation and refueling aircraft.

The scenario of the exercise does not imply live firing.

The exercises are planned and are not related to any events taking place in the world, NATO noted.

They will help ensure the continuity and effectiveness of NATO’s nuclear deterrence, we are confident in the Alliance.

Following the June NATO summit in Brussels, the leaders of the allied countries stated that the main goal of maintaining NATO’s nuclear potential is to maintain peace, prevent violence and deter aggression, follows from the message.

“Given the deteriorating security situation in Europe, a reliable and united nuclear alliance is vital,” – follows from the joint statement following the summit.

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