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‘NATO challenging Russia…’ Putin furious over US allied maneuvers in the Black Sea


  • Russian President Putin expressed displeasure over NATO’s exercises in the Black Sea
  • Putin says NATO is using strategic air force in maneuvers
  • Russian Air Force intercepted several NATO reconnaissance missions in the Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed strong displeasure over the maneuvers of NATO countries in the Black Sea. He said that NATO is challenging Russia by conducting maneuvers in the Black Sea. He also raised questions about the use of Strategic Air Force during this maneuver. These days the tension between Russia-Ukraine and Belarus-Poland is at its peak in Europe. In the midst of all this, the warning of the Russian President is being considered very important.

Putin expresses concern over the use of strategic aircraft
Putin told TV channel Russia 24 that NATO exercises near Russia’s border are a dangerous challenge because the countries involved are using their strategic air forces. He also said that the US and its allies are conducting previously unscheduled maneuvers in the Black Sea. I am emphasizing that this is not a pre-determined exercise.

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Russian Defense Ministry also proposed to exercise
He said that during this time NATO countries built formations of powerful warships, but also used fighter planes and strategic aircraft. Our Defense Ministry has also proposed its unplanned warfare exercises in the same area. But I believe it is not fair and there is no need to escalate the situation further.

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America’s 6th Fleet is also present in the Black Sea
The statement of the Russian President comes after the US and its allies began exercises near Russian waters. Earlier, USS Mount Whitney, the flagship and command ship of the US Sixth Fleet, entered the Black Sea. Along with this, American nuclear submarines and warships are also patrolling the Black Sea. Russia has also intercepted several reconnaissance flights of NATO aircraft near Crimea.

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Why was there a war like situation in Europe?
There is tension in Europe on many issues at this time. The most common thing in this is Russia’s involvement in every tension. At present, the migrant crisis between Russia’s close country Belarus and America’s close Poland is at its peak. In the midst of all this, Russia has sent its two nuclear bomber aircraft and paratroopers to show strength in Belarus. On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin has also warned NATO. However, Putin himself has made it clear that Russia has no role in the Belarus-Poland migrant crisis.

Tension also due to deployment of Russian army near Ukraine
For the second time this year, Russia has deployed a large number of troops near the Ukrainian border. This includes tanks, missiles, infantry, drones and armored vehicles. It is being told that tensions have been increasing since the death of Ukrainian soldiers in an attack by Russian-backed separatists in Crimea. In response, Ukraine carried out a drone attack on these separatists.

Putin NATO drills

Putin furious over NATO maneuvers