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NASA’s Perseverance rover set out on the most important mission, will search for life on Mars, will there be evidence of life?

Washington: NASA’s Perseverance Rover reached the surface of Mars on 18 February 2021. This row landed in the Jijiro crater with a circle of 45 km, which has been completed for more than a year. Now this rover is moving towards carrying out its most important mission. That mission is to search for evidence of life on Mars. NASA has told that there is a crater looking like a lake near the crater in which this rover landed. This six-wheeled rover has now started its climb towards that lake.

Here the rover will collect soil samples, because scientists believe that where there is water, there is life. If there was ever water here, there could be evidence of micro-organisms in it. Although the number of sample collecting tubes in the rover is limited, due to this it has to take samples only from selected places. The rover will also bring some stones from the delta of this lake and keep them on the base so that they can be sent to Earth later.

Samples to be brought to Earth by 2030
Scientists aim to bring these things to Earth by 2030 and it can be tested in detail. Dr. Katie Stack Morgan, deputy scientist for this project, says, ‘This is the astro biological target of the rover in the Delta GZero crater. We believe that if there was ever life on Mars, then these stones are the most likely to find evidence of it. With this we will be able to know how the weather of Mars changed.

NASA’s Perseverance rover taking samples from stones. (Twitter/NASAPersevere)

what is delta
This rover was testing its equipment and instruments since its landing. During this, it also flew a mini helicopter. Apart from this, pictures of his surroundings were sent to the earth. But this rover’s job has always been to study the vast mound of sediment west of Jezero. So far, only satellite images were believed to be a lake delta, but now the data from the rover has confirmed it. A delta is a structure made up of river silt and sand. It flows in water and collects on the banks of the river.