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NASA to make giant telescope to find life in space? Hubble will also be a dwarf, know top-3 mission

If there is another planet like our Earth in space, then NASA should find it. This has been said in the report released once in a decade. This report sets priorities for astronomy over the next decade. The report says that to find exoplanets like Earth, NASA should build a new big and fancy space telescope.

Every 10 years, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine advise government agencies such as NASA on which research objectives astronomers should prioritize over the coming decade, reports. The advisors released their latest report on Thursday. The report highlights three key research priorities.
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Recommendation to give priority to these three subjects
Scientists have been advised to better understand the nature of black holes and neutron stars, investigate how galaxies form and evolve, and identify ‘habitable Earth-like worlds’ in other planetary systems. Scientist Fiona Harrison, who co-chairs the committee, said that the most surprising scientific opportunity before us in the coming decades is the possibility that we may find life on another planet.

The telescope will be ready for $ 11 billion
The committee recommended that to find such planets, NASA should build a telescope that dwarfs the Hubble Space Telescope and is equipped with infrared, optical and ultraviolet sensors. According to reports, the construction of the telescope will cost an estimated $ 11 billion. It is believed that it could be launched in the early 2040s.


NASA will find a planet like Earth (file photo)