WorldNASA News: Three big asteroids coming close to Earth today, their speed...

NASA News: Three big asteroids coming close to Earth today, their speed is more than 14400 km per hour


  • Today three asteroids will pass near the earth simultaneously
  • The sight will be visible after midnight, the eyes of NASA
  • All the three asteroids will leave a safe distance from the earth

New York
Three asteroids larger than the Empire State Building are moving toward Earth. The US space agency NASA has said that these three asteroids can be seen closest to the Earth after midnight on January 14. First one asteroid will come close to Earth, after some time the other two asteroids will be visible. According to NASA, the speed of these three asteroids is about 14400 kilometers per hour.

The length of the first one is more than 381 meters
The largest of these three asteroids is 2022 AG. Its length is being told equal to the Empire State Building (381 meters). NASA has classified this asteroid as a Near Earth Object. This celestial body will pass near the Earth on the night of 14 January. The remaining two asteroids will reach close to it. NASA scientists are tracking the path of all three asteroids.

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Know the length of the other two asteroids
The remaining two asteroids have been identified as 2022 AA4 and 2022 AF5. Among these, the size of 2022 AA4 is 28 meters and the length of 2022 AF5 is 16 meters. In such a situation, even a slight change in their path can become a cause of disaster for the earth. But, NASA has told that these three asteroids will leave from a safe distance from the Earth. So there is no danger on earth.

17 meter long asteroid wreaked havoc in Russia
In 2013, a meteorite 17 meters tall fell in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The power of this meteorite was so great that it damaged more than 7000 houses in the area. There was a loss of more than 33 million dollars due to this meteorite hitting the earth. That too in an area where the density of population is very low compared to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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NASA’s eye on asteroids coming closer to Earth
NASA has included all these asteroids in the list of Near Earth Objects. NASA launched the Near-Earth Object Program in the late 20th century. Its purpose was to search for such celestial bodies, which can come close to our Earth’s orbit. So far, NASA has discovered more than 20000 such celestial objects, which have been included in the list of Near-Earth Objects.