WorldNanjing airport outbreak spreads, China tests Covid-19 for millions of people

Nanjing airport outbreak spreads, China tests Covid-19 for millions of people

On August 1, China recorded 75 new Covid-19 cases, with 53 infections in the community. The Nanjing Airport outbreak has now spread to more than 20 cities and dozens of other provinces. This is the largest geographical outbreak in China in months after the country successfully contained the outbreak in 2020.
The main cause is because the Delta variant infections spread too quickly at Nanjing airport, east of Jiangsu province in July 2021.
Authorities conducted three rounds of Covid-19 testing for 9.2 million residents of Nanjing and hundreds of thousands of others under lockdown.

China conducted Covid-19 tests for millions of people after the outbreak at Nanjing airport spread to 20 other provinces and cities.

In addition, more than 5,000 people who attended the film festival in Zhangjiajie city (Hunan province) were traced. This tourist city has also locked down all 1.5 million people and closed all tourist sites after 4 tourists tested positive for Covid-19.

Health authorities say the outbreak in Zhangjiajie was caused by tourists from Nanjing, and has spread the disease to more than 20 other cities.

On August 1, leading epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said: “Zhangjiajie has now become a new land for an outbreak in China. We have to cover a wider grid when tracking the close contacts of the Delta variant.”
Also on August 1, Beijing recorded 3 cases of infection in the community, a family living on the outskirts of the capital, returning from Zhangjiajie. Beijing also stopped operating all public transport such as trains, buses, and planes in areas with confirmed cases.
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Testing for Covid-19 in Beijing (China)

On August 1, Hainan Island, Ningxia Province, Shandong Province also recorded many new Covid-19 cases.

China is also facing a high number of infections in Zhengzhou city (Henan province) – which is being ravaged by intense floods – after 2 sanitation workers at a hospital treated Covid-19. Returning from abroad, he tested positive for Covid-19.

30 community infections were detected here. Authorities also ordered testing of all 10 million people in Zhengzhou. The head of the city’s health committee was fired.

After it was widely reported that new Covid-19 infections in China had all been vaccinated, authorities confirmed this was “normal” and emphasized the importance of vaccination and compliance. other preventive measures.
“The level of protection of the Covid-19 vaccine against the Delta variant may have been reduced, but it still has a protective and preventive effect against this variant,” said Phung Tu Kien, a virologist from China. China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
By the end of July 2021, China had distributed more than 1.65 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine but did not provide the number of people who had been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

From Nanjing, China is having the largest Covid-19 outbreak after Wuhan


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