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Nam Trung – the male star who is “hard” only after Le Hoang continues to sit in the hot seat to create drama?

From the experience of more than 20 years in the fashion and beauty industry in Vietnam, with countless hot seats on reality TV shows, Nam Trung’s reputation for grit is probably only inferior to director Le Hoang. Organizing Committee The Next Face Vietnam 2021 just announced “drama king” Nam Trung is the third coach who will sit in the hot seat with runner-up Mau Thuy and Miss H’hen Niê.

Creative director – Nam Trung makeup artist.

Dubbed the “drama king” of reality TV shows about fashion and models, it is reported that Nam Trung will sit in the hot seat. The Next Face Vietnam 2021 quickly “stormed” in the fan community.

Nam Trung - the male star who is

Officially starting his career at the age of 20, so far Nam Trung has had more than 20 years in the profession and has become a “banyan tree” in the field of makeup in Vietnam. The title of “drama king” began to be given to Nam Trung by social media users since he accepted to participate in the role of creative director and judge of the show. Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2021.

Nam Trung - the male star who is

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Fastidious, strict, but a talker and with an extremely smart and flexible way of handling situations, Nam Trung is the owner of a “collection” of impressive expressions that cause fever and viral sayings ” slanted” is popular on social media. On the contrary, in depth of expertise, Nam Trung is a “teacher” full of enthusiasm and dedication to candidates. He often gives sensible comments and valuable career advice to help the contestants gradually “makeover” through the challenges.

Nam Trung - the male star who is

From the dedicated guide, Nam Trung hung himself in the air to show the contestants Vietnam’s Next Top Model season All Start.


Nam Trung - the male star who is

Nam Trung is known by fans as a makeup artist, a stylist, and a beauty consultant on the most prestigious fashion magazines and shows in Vietnam. He is also a prominent face that often takes on important responsibilities in the position of “holding the balance” of famous fashion shows such as: Vietnam’s Next Top Model, The Face Vietnam…

Nam Trung - the male star who is

The Next Face Vietnam 2021 It is not only a contest to find and train new models for Vietnamese fashion, but also to find young talents based on the important criteria of the ability to build images and create influence on social networks. . In addition, the program also takes advantage of the online platform OnMeeting to connect with candidates from all over the country.

Nam Trung - the male star who is

Thus, Nam Trung, H’hen Niê and Mau Thuy are the powerful trio that will take care of “keeping the balance” in the first season of the show. The Next Face Vietnam. Currently, the competition is taking place the Preliminary round. Candidates from far away will take the test online and candidates in Ho Chi Minh City will take the test live at 10:00 on October 27, 2021 at Sofitel Saigon Plaza. The show will air from November 7, 2021.

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