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Nam Thu cried and laughed about going to the market, suddenly met “uncle of the army” in the supermarket

Actress Nam Thu has become a volunteer in the household market team organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House for many days. Every day, she and about 20 other volunteers receive orders that people place through the ward, then the ward sends the list through the supermarket and then asks volunteers like Nam Thu to choose the goods.

Nam Thu and a group of artists in Ho Chi Minh City actively participate in going to the market for the people

Since becoming a volunteer at the market, this is the third supermarket that Nam Thu has worked at. Before that, she worked as a volunteer at two supermarkets, Co.op Xtra Van Hanh (District 10) and Co.op Mart Rach Mieu (District Phu Nhuan) for many days, before moving to Co.op Xtra Tan Phong. (Q.7), a supermarket near the actress’s house since the city tightened the distance.

Currently, supermarkets add many combos of goods and necessities, making it convenient for people to order, and at the same time, the work of volunteers is less strenuous.

Nam Thu cried and laughed about going to the market, suddenly met

Every day, Nam Thu and about 20 volunteers of the artist team go to the market for the Youth Cultural House of Ho Chi Minh City to organize to order and pick up goods.

In the past few days, when the supermarket welcomed more army soldiers to support the application and pick up, the actress was also excited to see the blue shirt soldier again after a long time since she was born. join the Star enlistment program.

Sharing with the Thanh Nien Newspaper TV reporter, the actress from Vung Tau said that she came to Saigon at the age of 18, it has been 16 years now, so when the city was in trouble because of the epidemic, she thought her body must be responsible.

Therefore, even though the workload is increasing day by day, she has to come into contact with many people, increasing the risk of Covid-19 infection, but the actress still tries to contribute a little effort with her colleagues. help people overcome difficulties during the pandemic. Many interesting stories about volunteering are shared by Nam Thu in the video. Invite the audience to watch.


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