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Najibullah Death Story: How did Taliban kill Najibullah? Daughter told that scary scene, flared up on America too

Kabul/New Delhi
Muska Najibullah, daughter of former Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah, has targeted the US. He said that the Taliban brutally killed my father and America did not help. Muska currently lives in Delhi with her mother. He has also shared old memories about the murder of his father. He said that if America had listened to his voice, the situation today would have been very different.

Told about the night of 27 September 1996
Muska Najibullah wrote in The Guardian that the night of 27 September 1996 was going to be a long one for me. I was preparing for half yearly exam. At that time my mother heard the news that my father had been thrown out of the United Nations compound in Kabul. I was excited at first that my father and former Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah would finally be able to reunite with his family, but fate had a different plan.

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Najibullah was evicted from the UN compound
Muska Najibullah further said that my father was living with uncle in the United Nations compound since April 16, 1992. At that time, the security forces in Kabul joined hands with the Taliban by defecting. My father’s resignation and the decision to leave Rashtrapati Bhavan was part of the United Nations plan. Its aim was to end the civil war and clear the way for a peaceful coalition government. However, the power vacuum created by this quickly plunged Afghanistan into a vortex of chaos.

Mother was apprehensive – Abba is not coming home
After a long wait of four years, my mother, sister and I were eagerly waiting for our father. A faction known as the Taliban was rapidly approaching the Afghan capital. I was convinced that the reunion of my family was a few days away. I had a naive desire longing for my father. But, my mother realized the grim reality of the time. She watched the news all night long. He told us that his mind was saying that my father was not coming.

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We talked to the father before death
In a world without internet in the 1990s, very little was known about the Taliban. Radio reports were pouring in of his victory in the south-west of the country. These reports described the Taliban as fighting for peace, security and stability. That night I thought that we would meet my father soon. We spoke to them a few hours before the Taliban entered Kabul. There was nothing unusual in his voice. It was a normal exchange of words, which I vaguely remember.

Taliban killed my father
As they entered the capital city in the early hours of the night, the Taliban were stationed at the door of the UN compound to meet their “special guest”. Hours later a breaking news flashed: “President Najibullah, the former Afghan leader, was assassinated.” I didn’t know what the word meant. I turned to my sister but her expressionless face terrified me.

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Said – for the first time a personal story has been told
He said that this is the first time that I have shared my personal story. Not because I am the daughter of a former President of Afghanistan, but because what is happening to my country now is tragically similar to that of the time. 25 years ago today Taliban occupied Afghanistan and 25 years ago today my life and many others of my generation were changed forever.

America had ignored the father’s voice
In 1992, my father appealed to the US to help Afghanistan become a protective shield against the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. He said that if fundamentalism comes to Afghanistan, the war will continue for many more years. Afghanistan will become the world’s center for drug trafficking. Afghanistan will be made the epicenter of terrorism. His warnings were ignored.

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If his voice had been heard, everything would have been different.
With the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan in February 1989, almost all Western countries abandoned their embassies. My father’s rule was excommunicated. He was described as a communist puppet, a murderer, even a traitor. He found himself isolated and then a decade later, his prediction came true. Inspired by the 9/11 attacks, America invaded my country to fight Islamic terrorism and began the longest war ever. I wonder, if the world had listened to him, would everything be different?

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Mohammad Najibullah with his daughter