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Mystery of Qin Shi Huang Tomb: What’s hidden in the 2200-year-old tomb of China’s first emperor, Chin Shi Huang? secret will be exposed


  • Tomb of China’s first emperor buried under a 249 feet high pyramid-shaped mound
  • Many rumors in China about the tomb, discussion of mercury river and secret map
  • Chin Shi Huang’s grave is about 2200 years old, terracotta army deployed for defense

A team of scientists will soon use cosmic rays to uncover the secrets hidden in the tomb of China’s first emperor, Chin Shi Huang. It has been rumored for a long time that a death trap has been laid in this tomb. Not only this, it is also said that an ancient map has been kept in it, around which rivers of liquid mercury flow. This tomb of the Emperor of China is about 2200 years old.

The grave is buried under the 249 feet high mound
The tomb of the first emperor of China is buried under a 249 feet high pyramid-shaped mound. The tomb is located inside a cemetery in the Lintong district of Xi’an. Terracotta army is also deployed for the security of this tomb. Thousands of soldiers made of terracotta were found on the east side of this tomb. Each of these idols was painted brightly. However, most of these soldiers’ paints have been blown off by exposure to dry Xi’an air before the technology for proper preservation was discovered.

Chin Shi Huang was the first emperor to unify China
This is the reason why Chinese officials have been reluctant to allow the exploration of this tomb for a long time. But, now in the new proposals, the help of sub-atomic particles detectors will be taken to make a three-dimensional map of the 2229 year old tomb. Chin Shi Huang (259–210 BC) was successful in conquering and uniting all of China in 221 BC. The Chin Empire established by him ruled China for thousands of years.

Many achievements to the name of Chin Shi Huang
Chin Shi Huang has records of achievements including starting construction on the Great Wall of China, establishing a nationwide road network, and standardizing writing and units. His grand cemetery was unearthed in 1974. Many movies and video games have also been produced on this grave of his. This includes movies like The Mummy and Indiana Jones.

This technique will be used
The same technique was used in 2017 to reveal the presence of a 98-foot-long chamber already hidden within the Great Pyramid at Giza. The muon-scanning technique is proposed by Beijing Normal University physicist Yuanyuan Liu and his colleagues. His team typically uses cosmic rays to probe dark matter at the China Jinping Underground Laboratory. It is the deepest cosmic ray facility in the world, about 6 kilometers deep in the ground in Sichuan province.