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My hero is Gouriamma who fought against the genocide of EMS; Fatima Tahliya against the League leadership


  • Indirect reaction against the league leadership
  • KR Gauri is his hero
  • The reaction came after the green section was frozen

Kochi: MSF National Vice President Fatima Tahliya indirectly reacted against the leadership in the Muslim League green controversy. Fatima’s response was that her hero was KR Gauri, who fought against the EMS assassination that women in the party should stand by.

‘KR Gauri is my hero who fought against the male arrogance of the EMS that the women in the party should stand by his word, not the EMS.’ That is what Fatima Tahliya wrote on Facebook.

The complaint was not withdrawn; Muslim League to dissolve Green State Committee: Report
The Muslim League had frozen the activities of Haritha, a student body, following a complaint against the MSF state leadership. The Muslim League leadership says that Haritha’s is a disciplinary violation. This was followed by Fatima’s indirect criticism of the League leadership. A complaint was lodged with the Women’s Commission against the MSF leaders for sexual harassment, which led to the freeze.

Meanwhile, the MSF has filed a case against the state leadership over a complaint by green leaders alleging sexual harassment. The case was registered against state president PK Nawaz and Malappuram district secretary Abdul Wahab. Kozhikode police have registered a case under Section 354 (A) for speaking in a sexual manner.

malayalam samayamSexual harassment complaint should be withdrawn; Muslim League’s ultimatum to green leaders
The league leadership has said it will seek an explanation from the accused PK Nawaz, Kabir Muthuparamba and VA Nawaz. This was stated in a press release issued by the League State Secretary PMA Salam.

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