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Mustafa Cengiz administration in Galatasaray was not released from an administrative point of view once again

The ordinary general assembly meeting of 2019, which could not be held at Galatasaray Club due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, continues.

The meeting held at the Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center was held with the participation of only club members within the scope of the Covid-19 outbreak measures. 870 members entered the hall, where no members of the press or guests were allowed.

Former President Mustafa Cengiz, whose term was discussed in the general assembly in which President Burak Elmas was present, but who was treated in the hospital due to his illness, did not attend.

After the formation of the council committee, the requests regarding the agenda items were evaluated. Then, the annual report of the former board of directors headed by Mustafa Cengiz for 2019 was presented. After the reports were completed, the members took the floor and expressed their views on the activities in 2019. In this section, verbal discussions took place between the members and the former administrators from time to time.

After the discussion of the financial and administrative issues of the yellow-red club in 2019, the board of directors of the period headed by Mustafa Cengiz was voted on.

In accordance with the decision taken in the morning hours, the acquittal vote, closed procedure was carried out in 4 tables and 8 ballot boxes. Members voted separately in financial and administrative terms.

Out of a total of 636 votes cast, 310 votes were in favor of acquittal and 306 in favor of exoneration. All 20 members abstained. With this result, Mustafa Cengiz administration was acquitted financially for 2019.

Administratively, 384 non-exemption and 247 release decisions were made, 4 abstentions were cast, and 1 vote was annulled. Thus, the Cengiz administration was not released administratively for 2019.

2nd expulsion to Genghis administration

The board of directors headed by Mustafa Cengiz could not be acquitted administratively for the second time.

Mustafa Cengiz’s administration, which was released financially at the 2018 ordinary general assembly, could not get the administrative release. The board of directors was acquitted by a court decision, which took a long time, and was able to continue to work.

Opinions of former managers

Abdurrahim Albayrak, who is the second chairman under the management of Mustafa Cengiz, and Okan Böke, who is on the board of directors, evaluated the release vote.

Taking the floor after the voting, Albayrak thanked the participants and said, “You have released financially, you have seen our administrative mistakes and you have not acquitted them. I welcome this with respect. There is no other Galatasaray. We all fell in love with the colors yellow and red. Our financial release today has made all Galatasaray fans happy and satisfied. ” he said.

Okan Böke said, “We failed administratively. We were released financially because of your favor. We worked in 2020 as we did in 2019. As a Galatasaray fan, I thank you for your decision with a free mind and a free conscience. The decision of all of you sets an example for us. I respectfully inform you that we will consider this decision in future studies.” used his statements.

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