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‘Mullappally is not called if he does not pick up the phone’; Sudhakaran did not read Sudheeran’s letter, Oommen Chandy responded

Thiruvananthapuram: Former KPCC president VM Sudheeran has resigned from the KPCC political affairs committee following the explosion in the Congress following the release of the list of DCC presidents. Sudheeran’s resignation was prompted by opposition to the DCC chairperson’s list following the formation of a new leadership in the state Congress. At the same time, he did not elaborate on why he had decided to resign. KPCC President K Sudhakaran reacted strongly to the allegation that Sudheeran’s resignation was due to dissatisfaction with the list of DCC chairpersons.

Tariq Anwar says he will intervene

Following Sudheeran’s resignation from the KPCC Political Affairs Committee, Tariq Anwar, the AICC member in charge of Kerala, reacted. “I will talk to the KPCC president about Sudheeran’s resignation. I will see Sudheeran after this discussion if necessary. The issues will be resolved soon. I do not want to force senior leaders to co-operate in the activities. I can not stop the leaders from going to the ruling party,” Tariq Anwar said. Tariq Anwar said he would hold discussions with senior leaders in Thiruvananthapuram for the next two days.

Oommen Chandy said that his resignation was not right

Oommen Chandy said that the action of VM Sudheeran who resigned from the KPCC Political Affairs Committee was not correct. His presence should be on the Political Affairs Committee. He said Sudheeran’s resignation was unfortunate. Opposition leader VD Satheesan has stated that he does not know the reason for Sudheeran’s resignation from the KPCC Political Affairs Committee. The Leader of the Opposition told the media that Sudheeran’s resignation was “very sad” and that he would talk to him. However, Manorama reported that Sudheeran had said that he would respond if needed and that there was no further response now.

K Sudhakaran says he does not know the reason for resignation

K Sudhakaran clarified that he did not know the reason for VM Sudheeran ‘s resignation from the KPCC Political Affairs Committee. Although he had spoken to Sudheeran on the phone, he did not read the letter. An agreement has been reached and a decision will be taken soon, “the KPCC president said.

Sudheeran had gone home and met him

Sudhakaran said he had visited VM Sudheeran at home in connection with the KPCC reorganization. I had a discussion with Sudheeran and called him twice. I do not think the resignation was due to a mistake on our part. There will be no single Chhatrapati rule in the party as in the past. The change in the structure of the party has been felt by the party workers. No one has commented on the need for structural change. Any leader can nominate. Talented people will be selected. Speaking to media persons in Kannur, Sudhakaran said that it is not the group that is important.